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  1. Dolar
    Dolar 1 year ago

    Erin Electra best hot amateuri love you

  2. Zulkinris 1 year ago

    I don’t think that’s a fair assessment of his character arc. he has showcased the same trait throughout the series which is loyalty. He aligned himself with Danerys’ wishes so killing innocents was not the primary action. It was rather he follows orders or doesn’t. He was a down ass g from the start, and stayed a down ass g to the end. I’m not unhappy with his or Danerys’ character arc. I am unhappy with how they portrayed it since everything seemed so rushed. At least Danerys and Greyworm did have a little meatiness to work with in acting chops. Even though it was corny, Danerys’ speech was still dope. Jon Snow remained useless throughout this entire season lmfao and if he said “you are my queen” one more time....

  3. Takree 1 year ago

    Rico un videito contigo

  4. Zuzuru 1 year ago

    Drumpf has fired back:

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